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Hume'un Felsefesinde 'İlk Neden'
Hume accepts and discusses two kinds of ‘causes’ in his writings. One of them causes is the particular cause. The other which Hume discusses is the cause that can be perceived in everywhere in the universe. As is commonly known, Hume constructs the theoretical foundation of ‘cause’ and ‘causality’ in his first two books, namely Treatise of Human Nature and Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. But in his later books, especially in Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion and Natural History of Religion, Hume, discusses the cause of the universe. In this paper we will discuss whether can we define this second kind of cause ‘cause’ as the ‘first cause’ or not. It looks that Hume uses the expression “first cause of all” not only in epistemological sense but also to denote a theological meaning. <

Hume, theism, the first cause, God, natural religion.

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