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The Effects of Spinoza's Philosophy: The Reflections of Spinozism on Different Periods and Fields
With the thoughts he put forward, Spinoza is an influential philosopher yet from the beginning of his era. Spinoza philosophy is a philosophy which has influence not only on a specific field but also has influence on fields from ethics to politics, from anthropology to literature, from psychology to physics. According to this, Spinoza developed a discipline affecting not only philosophers but also men of letters, poets and scientists. Spinoza, with the works firstly Ethica, and named Theological-Political Treatise and Political Treatise, became effective both during his era on the era after his era. Indeed, with the thoughts he put forward, Spinoza is one of the philosophers who is mentioned and is worked through mostly today. On the other hand, the concern about the Spinoza is increasing day by day. Thereby, Spinozism will probably affect the next culture, science and intellectual world as it showed its effects on quite a few fields from past to present. The aim of this study is to emphasize its importance within the intellectual history revealing its reflections in different periods and fields<

Spinoza, Spinozism, Nietzsche, Deleuze, Negri, political philosophy.

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