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Mutual and Different Aspects of the Modes of Syllogism
Logic, which aims to preserve the human mind which may mistake when it proceeds from the known to the unknown, mentions three different way of reasoning which are analogy and induction and deduction. Logic urges upon deduction most and syllogism which is most proper way of deduction has been taken the backbone of the logic by the logicians. Syllogism consists of two or more premises and a conclusion and it includes three terms known as minor, middle and major terms. Depending on the middle term's place in the premises, which serves an important function like relating the minor term with the major term, four different forms arise. İt is clear as these four forms have different aspects from each other they also have mutual ones. Acquired knowledges differ from each other depending on each form's characteristic. Therefore it is need to be known the characteristics of forms in terms of getting the prevailing knowledge or transformation of the acquired conclusion to the prevailing knowledge. Knowing of the characteristics of the forms of syllogism matter, the backbone of logic which aims to preserve the human mind from the mistake, provides an opportunity for obtaining or submiting the knowledge and data healthfully and effectually. For revealing this opportunity, it has been tried to deal with the common and different aspects of the forms of syllogism in this study.

Logic, reasoning, induction, deduction, syllogism.

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