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The Problem of the Foundation of Obligations
Do individuals only have real moral obligations within the legal framework? Does the legislator's imposition of certain requirements give citizens a practical reason to obey, as well as a moral reason? Does such a moral reason also apply to people who disapprove of the adopted law or who believe that this law is wrong in principle? If individuals have no such moral obligation, then the state's ability to use force falls seriously, perhaps entirely, into a vacuum. In addition, disobedience occurs in society. For this reason, the obligation to obey is deemed necessary in every society. In this study, we will discuss how obligations are founded and what is shown to be the reason for our obedience. However, we will consider whether we have an obligation to obey an unjust law. We will also argue that the obligation will have no moral basis to support political functions.

Individual, political obligation, legal obligation, fair play, associative obligations.

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