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Discussion on the Limit of Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Criticism of Physicalism in Searle and Nagel’s Theories of Consciousness
In this article, the “validity of the physicalist approach” and the “limit of artificial intelligence” are discussed based on Searle and Nagel’s theories of consciousness. In the article, firstly, the understanding that reduces the mind and consciousness situations, which Searle defines as “powerful artificial intelligence”, to the appropriate inputs and outputs of computer will be explained through Alan Turing’s “The Imitation Game” or thought experiment known as “Turing test”. Then, the theses of ontological reductionist physicalist approach will be analyzed through Nagel’s thought of “subjective nature of experience of consciousness” and “subjective nature of experience of species”, and Searle’s understanding of “Biological naturalism”, which he suggested as an alternative to dualism and physicalism, and the argument of “Chinese room” which he developed to emphasize the limit of artificial intelligence. Ultimately, both philosophers’ mind-body problems and thoughts about consciousness will be analyzed in relation to physicalism, and the effects of their attitudes on the discussion on the limit of artificial intelligence will be revealed.

Searle, Nagel, consciousness, criticism of physicalism, limit of artificial intelligence.

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